Shire of Oakheart Financial Policy(click title for a .pdf)

The following Financial Policy for the Shire of Oakheart (referred to as the “shire”) in the Kingdom of Calontir (referred to as the “Kingdom”)
serves as an addendum to the requirements set forth by the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA) Financial Policy, and the Kingdom
of Calontir Financial Policy. This policy is governed by Modern Law, Corpora, SCA Financial Policy, Kingdom Law, and Kingdom Financial
Policy, and will be revised as needed, to remain in compliance with these superseding documents. All references to amounts refer to U.S. currency.

I. Financial Committee
a. The financial committee shall consist of the exchequer, the seneschal and paid SCA members who mundanely reside in the area consisting of the shire
who are present and voting at the business meeting. Lapse in membership status will result in removal from the financial committee
until dues are paid. Unpaid members may be present during financial committee discussions and voting but will be unable to cast vote.

II. Bank Accounts
a. All funds will be managed through a group bank account. Under no circumstances may shire monies be handled through private personal accounts.
b. Signatories on the Account
i. Each new account in the shire will be a double-signature checking account, with at least two officers of the shire or entity listed as signatories as well as the Kingdom Exchequer or designated representative. The exchequer and seneschal are required signatories on the account. Additional signatories may be listed at the shire’s discretion, provided such listing does not violate Society or Kingdom Financial Policy
ii. The signatories for a given account may not be related by blood or marriage, nor may they reside at the same address.
iii. Royalty and their heirs may not be signatories on any SCA account.
iv. All account signatories must be paid members of the SCA Inc.
v. Upon being added as a signatory to an account, all individuals will submit evidence of personal legal identification and proof of membership,
including their full name and address.
c. Any individual who is a signatory on a demand deposit account will not draft a check from that account in the name of himself or herself.
d. Two authorized signatures will be required on any check, money order, or other instrument of withdrawal, whether or not the bank offers
signature inspection.
e. The minimum dollar amount in the shire account should never be allowed to fall to is $150.
f. Automatic teller machine (ATM) or debt card are forbidden per SCA exchequer handbook and Kingdom of Calontir financial policy.
g. The group checkbook shall be maintained by and kept in the possession of the group exchequer.

III. Expense Authorizations and Cash Management
a. All incoming funds will be deposited before being disbursed for any purposes.
b. All checks will be endorsed prior to depositing and will be deposited in a timely manner.
c. Reimbursements will only be made within 30 days of the acquisition of the expense and upon presentment of appropriate receipts. Extensions may
be granted by contacting the exchequer and seneschal in cases where presenting receipts is not feasible within 30 days, as the requestor is
unable to attend a monthly business meeting.
d. Funds exceeding $1000 from events, fundraisers, etc., must be deposited in the bank account within 5 business days from the close of the event.
e. Expense authorizations will be conducted at the regularly scheduled business meetings. Authorizations will be approved or denied by consensus
of the populace inattendance and documented in the minutes of the business meeting.
i. Ideally, requests for expense authorization would be made at one business meeting, and decided on at the next business meeting thus
allowing for thoughtful consideration before committing shire funds.
f. Warranted officers may have discretion to spend a maximum of $50 (fifty dollars) for use between business meetings.
g. All personal checks received in lieu of cash by the shire will include the individual’s name, full address, and phone number.
h. If the shire dissolves for whatever reason, any monies held in the group account shall escheat to the Kingdom or other Society Branch, and the
Kingdom Exchequer must be notified as to the disbursement of said funds.

IV. Events
a. All monies collected at event gates will be reconciled against the Gate Form tally. Gate Forms must be completed by gate staff for each transaction.
Completing the Gate Forms after the event is expressly forbidden.
b. Reigning Royalty (Kings, Queens, Princes, and Princesses) will not be charged site or feast fees. They will still be required to sign the gate forms.
c. All minor site fees will be discounted with respect to adult site fees in order that no minor shall be liable for the Corporate Non-Member Registration,
so long as it remains in effect in this form.
d. While the Corporate Non-Member Registration is in effect, the exchequer will report the number of non-members having attended their events
within 10 business of the event and forward the appropriate funds and documentation to the Kingdom Exchequer or designated representative.
e. Event reports are due within 30 days of the close of the event. Reports must be sent to the Kingdom Exchequer or designated representative.
f. Prospective Autocrats for proposed events must follow the approval procedures and submit a bid sheet that includes the following information:
i. A written description of the event, including activities and proposed site.
ii. A proposed event budget, detailing the estimated income and expenses for this event.

V. Reporting
a. The shire exchequer is required to submit quarterly reports to the deputy exchequer according to the following schedule:

QuarterEndDue Date
1stMarch 31April 15
2ndJune 30July 15
3rdSeptember 30October 15
4thDecember 31January 15
DomesdayDecember 31January 15

b. The shire seneschal must approve each quarterly and Domesday report. The seneschal may approve the quarterly reports by electronic approval.
The shire seneschal must sign the Domes Day report to show approval.
c. The shire will report at year-end, in the Domes Day report, all activity and the financial standing of the shire. This report must be sent to the
Kingdom Exchequer, or designated representative (usually the Regional Exchequer), by January 31st of the following year.
d. A full review of all financial records must be performed for the shire by the Kingdom Exchequer, or designated representative, when the office
changes hands or every two years. All financial records for up to seven years will be present for the review. A copy of the review shall be sent
to the Kingdom Exchequer.
e. A copy of the Comparative Balance Sheet and Income/Expense Statement from the annual report must be made available to the membership at least
annually, whether published in a newsletter or distributed to the membership in some other form.